A Very Woolly Christmas

Posted on: 07/12/2023

This year's Pre-Prep Christmas show, The Lost Sheep, was both ewe-nique and shear brilliance! The story centred around a positive and inclusive Christmas message: everyone has a part to play and if they are kind to one another, then everything will work out well in the end. 

groiup shot 1

Our PP3 children played the main characters and lead narrators, most of whom were shepherds, and all of the other Pre-Prep classes had the chance to sing a song and dance. In their class groups they performed as angels (PP2AS), stars (PP2B), snowmen (PP1W), elves (PP1B), sheep (Reception T) and traditional nativity characters (Reception C).


The shepherds who have lost their flock of sheep seek the help of the angels, stars, and snowmen to find them again. In the end it is the North Star that leads them to the sheep and the nativity scene. En-route they meet Mother Claus (Sia - PP3), who sings a beautiful solo, and her elves join in too, about the importance of listening to mothers. Emotional words and stirring music meant there wasn't a dry eye in the house, including our Head of Pre-Prep Ms Walker, who found herself enjoying a moment of happy tears!

elves and duet

But there was plenty of festive cheer and humour too, with lots of cracker-style, sheep-related jokes (think "Fleece Navidad") delivered by the children with comic timing and regular instructions to the audience, via giant cue cards, to laugh and applaud.


To view Gallery One (in order of appearance - shepherds, angels, stars, snowmen and elves) 

The Lost Sheep! was the result of a brilliant team effort and a big thank you to the following people: Mrs Kerry Sampson, Musical Director and composer of new songs, MIss Daisy Mackay, Director, script-writer and photographer, Head of Pre-Prep Mrs Fiona Walker for Box Office and co-writing the script, Miss Sabina Carr for costume design,  Mrs Lynne Hirons and Miss Lucia Criado for overall logistics, costumes and set, Jack Wood for his piano accompaniment, Sixth Former Lara Fleming for lighting, Theatre Technician Ed Scragg and sound engineer Dan Almond.



To view Gallery Two (in order of appearance - elves continued, sheep and nativity)

A big thank you to Miss Daisy Mackay for the amazing photos. 

sheep 1


gruop shot