Art isn’t just something you look at. It’s a way of looking that can enable children to see things they might once have taken for granted with fresh eyes, to value creativity and invention and to connect with and capture the world that surrounds them in new and exciting ways.

At Harrodian we want to inspire and instil this receptiveness to and confidence about art and design in pupils at every age group level. We challenge and broaden students’ perception of art by introducing them to new ideas and ways of working. We promote creative thinking, encouraging our pupils to delve into the boundless possibilities that the imagination has to offer. We showcase and celebrate creativity through clubs, competitions, displays and exhibitions.

Prep level pupils are given the freedom to express themselves through different art forms and to use diverse materials and techniques to communicate their response. We challenge them to take inspiration from the world around them and to explore how the relationship between art and emotion can be represented through colour, line, shape and form.

Pupils also begin to examine the work of artists of all kinds. Looking hard at the work of others allows them both to acquire new working methods and techniques and to share their own opinions, thoughts and ideas about art.

Working in a purpose-built environment with an extensive range of equipment, tools and resources, our pupils are challenged to create work of the highest standard.

For detailed year-by-year information, please see the Harrodian curriculum handbooks.

Trips and Extra-curricular activities

Harrodian runs 12 Art clubs a week, (textiles, ceramics, printing, painting etc). We stage termly creative House competitions, take part in annual external art competitions  such as Youngart and regularly invite guest speakers to the school to enrich pupils’ knowledge of the art world


Head of Art: Laura Caldecott

Prep School Art teacher: David Scott
Art Technicians: Ms Alia Hamaoui and Mrs Victoria Hand