Pupils in the 11s and 12s are offered the chance to study Spanish or Italian.

These beginners’ lessons take place twice a week over two years and are an introductory course to both languages.  Pupils are taught the basics of the language (common vocabulary, key grammar rules and tenses) in order to be able to communicate independently.  They also develop some knowledge about the countries where the language is spoken, as they are exposed to authentic material and taught by teachers or assistants who are native speakers. 

Whenever possible, pupils also have the opportunity to watch films and plays in the target language.

For full details of year by year Italian studies in the Prep, please download the Harrodian Curriculum Handbooks.


Head of Modern Languages: Sandrine Montet 

Head of Italian/ Prep School Teachers of Italian: Gabriella Collard, Monia Magoga 

Italian Language Assistant: Maria Anghelone