Artists in the making
Art pupils - both past and present - have been busy inspiring the next generation of young Harrodian artists
Art in a Mask
Masked GCSE artists made a surprise raid on Pre-Prep assembly bewitching the young audience with their 3-D cardboard creations.
Raising the Union Black
Harrodian raised a beautiful 'Union Black' flag on its flagpole on 13th October as a symbol of the inclusivity of our school community. Members of the
Electric Dreams
Upper Sixth Former Gus is going above and beyond his 3-D Design A Level curriculum requirements in a quest to produce a street-legal electric bike.
Me and my Bro
Over the summer Sixth Former Poppy painted a viviid, hyper-realist portrait of her twin brother, James
The Beauty around Us
Prep pupils have been using everyday objects - both from outside and inside the home - to create frottage collages and natural sculptures.
Art with a Smile
Harrodian Prep Art Teacher Mr Scott is lifting his pupils' spirits with playful projects that explore art's capacity to entertain and amuse.
One Minute Wonders
Mr Scott has challenged his 11s pupils (Year 7) to creating a one-minute sculpture by having some fun with their families...
Get Out the Crayons!
Our Easter Colouring Challenge attracted plenty of brilliant entries from pupils aged 6-12
Keep Calm and Log On
With our south-west London site closed at the moment, Harrodians are busy addressing the challenges that the shift from face-to-face to remote