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Frieze girls

DSC_0292.jpgLast week, Sixth Form Art and Graphics students made their annual visit to Frieze Art Fair. Students were struck by the overwhelming and diverse array of artworks on display. The variety of artwork meant that each student, despite their differing tastes, was able to find something they loved. 


DSC_0339.jpgAlina was most struck by the colourful embroidery works by Korean artist Do Ho Suh, whose large scale pieces used rainbow coloured thread to outline his compositions. Similarly, Imogen and Poppy mentioned Grayson Perry’s tapestry as a highlight. “It was so different to his work that I had seen before. The medium of textiles add so much depth and texture to the work, and it took me a moment before I realized that it was a map of London with the Thames running through it.”

DSC_0338.jpgFrieze was also a new experience for Charles Drayson, who wrote: 'You could easily get lost at Frieze, given how large an expanse the building was. There were many art works that I took a liking to. In particular was a sculpture reminiscent of brass instruments, yet hugely experimental in its shape. Additionally, Pieter Schoolwerth's Waiting Room #5 is another piece as fascinating as it is confusing. You can see figures and silhouettes in it and yet you cannot get any sense of space or have any idea what's going on. When you look up close, you can see how oil, acrylic and inkjet were seamlessly combined to make for such a unique painting. Overall it was an experience full of insights that made me all the more interested in pursuing art in the future.'

DSC_0347.jpgDSC_0308.jpgSophia is most drawn to abstract, gestural painting. 'I love the way the artist created a painting that looks abstract from the bottom, but as you look up, you notice that it actually depicts figures.'