Pre-Prep Blog: Scientists in the making

Science experiment PP3

Science Day always creates great excitement and enthusiasm in Pre-Prep and it was lovely to see the range of junior scientists who appeared in Pre-Prep on Monday.


The day was led by Boffin Becky (from the company Science Boffins) who inspired the children with some eye catching experiments that focussed on atoms and molecules in liquids, gases and solids.


One experiment involved using a hairdryer to keep balloons hovering in the air, while another involved turning a jar of water upside down over a pupil's head to see if water leaked through the holes of the netting. 


Each class then had a short workshop with Becky, carrying out forensic experiments using fingerprint technology to see who was stealing the teachers mugs.

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Our PP3 pupils also conducted their own experiments by standing on eggs to see whether they broke or not. It was lovely to see the children so inspired and excited throughout the day.

The PP3s were further inspired by visiting the 11s Science Fair on Tuesday. They enjoyed asking the older pupils lots of questions about their experiments and many interesting scientific explanations were exchanged between them. Everyone was impressed by the knowledge of our 11s scientists and the quality of their presentations.


It is no surprise that the children are already looking forward to next year's Science Day!

A huge thank you to Miss Ball (Pre-Prep Science Co-ordinator) and the team for organising such a great event.