The Theatre Blog: Hamilton

Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre

What? Hamilton

Where? Victoria Palace Theatre

When? Booking until 28th July 2018 but will likely extend

It is hard to walk through central London without seeing a poster for the new musical Hamilton, which has taken up residency at the newly refurbished Victoria Palace Theatre, previously home to Billy Elliot. Having been lucky enough to get a ticket, I am pleased to confirm that the hype is very well deserved. Lin-Manuel Miranda's homage to a forgotten American founding father, Alexander Hamilton, is the closest thing you'll get to a perfect through-sung musical. The songs are beautifully composed, with a wide variety of musical styles keeping the audience on their toes throughout.

The choreography is absolutely superb - with the ensemble taking a larger role than expected, moving seamlessly from number to number. The use of a revolve-on set enabled exciting and memorable moments and the lighting highlighted the plight of the characters without alienating the audience. Even if you have listened to the music hundreds of times, it doesn't quite prepare you for the spectacle on stage. Trust me - beg, steal, borrow or barter a ticket if you can.